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The Secret Garden
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21st-May-2008 07:55 pm(no subject)
ticked off

It seems to be getting warmer.  The snow is starting to melt, as thick as it is. 

There is a crack in the greenhouse wall, small but deadly to those plants.  I'd suggest to anyone mentally capable to have that fixed, now.

13th-Apr-2008 12:55 pm(no subject)
Zetsu default
I'm not filling out the sheet.  We know why we're here, it's a waste of time. 

There is nothing to help, we are unfixable.  Many have tried what makes you think your methods will produce any sort of different result?

Where can I get water to water my fern?

[ooc1: He stole the fern from someones office XD]

[ooc2: To any of the Akatsuki people: any form of Akatsuki in the past?  Or should I just have that Zetsu worked for el Tobi but no one else was involved?]
17th-Oct-2007 11:54 pm - [OOC:: Logs]
Zetsu default

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